Tips To Fix Error Seems To Have Failed Bus 10


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    It appears that some readers have come across a known bug where the job would fail with bus error 10. This issue can occur due to several factors. Let’s discuss this below. 2) Bus errors (also called SIGBUS and therefore usually signaling 10) occur even if a process tries to attach to memory that the processor cannot emotionally resolve. In other words, the memory the program is trying to access will not be a valid memory address. It rises due to alignment issues with the processor (eg.

    About a month ago, my 2008 MacBook Pro running Lion OSX 10.7.5 started incredibly slowly. I restored the PRAM, removed and re-inserted the battery, and this problem resolved itself, but afterSince that car accident, my finder didn’t open a new window when I clicked on the dock or when I clicked on a folder on my desktop, click the button. What literally happens is that the cursor does a rainbow turntable for about two minutes and even after that it stops without opening the window. The same thing happens when I click anywhere on my computer’s desktop while the Finder is active. The only way I’ve been able to access my files for years is through spotlight and browsing from a different account on the old computer running Finder.

    Over the past month, I’ve been scouring the Mac support forums and found people with similar problems who solved them with the following methods, which I tried but didn’t get my hands on. Never helped:*Remote Finder .plist file in Terminal A* Launch and run “Killall” for Finder in terminal and activity monitor, then save*Running recovery settings and checking/repairing a new drive in Disk Utility also resulted in some fixesUm, but little has changed or fixed my Finder issue

    I haven’t updated Time Machine and wouldn’t like to unlock all my files in the new admin account I set up when it’s not needed; not to mention reconfiguring/optimizing Firefox like I’m currently doing.

    What is bus error 10 in Mac?

    Typically, a “bus error” can be a hardware error with multiple variations. “Bus error 10” appears, so it is USB technology. The first step to removing such an error is to filter out all external devices connected to a particular processor. If you don’t have portable devices (including a mouse), follow the helpful Linc information above.

    Here is a reliable system log. I replaced “I” with the name of my computer, and therefore “my name” with my name, which is otherwise spelled on the computer. job appears to have crashed bus error 10

    27. Jan 21:06:19 our company[124] ([237]): job seems to have crashed: bus error: 10Jan 25 21:06:19 me ReportCrash[259]: crash report saved only for Finder[237] version 10.7.5 (10.7.5) You can check /Users/myname/Library/Logs/DiagnosticReports/Finder_2014-01- 27 - 210619_me.crashJan 27 21:06:19 I ReportCrash[259]: Run log too large: file://localhost/Users/myname/Library/Logs/DiagnosticReports/Finder_2013-12-29-160247_me.crash job appears to have crashed bus error 10

    Last night I downloaded AIR while building a new laptop. It worked.

    Nov 11 11:09:23 AM Adobe darcys-macbook-pro AIR installer[2889]: Runtime installer starts with version associated with Mac OS 10.7.2 15 x86

    11:09:23 November Darcys-MacBook-ProAdobe AIR installer[2889]: renderer ( installed in /Library/Frameworks/Adobe AIR.framework

    12 Nov 11:09:24 Darcys-MacBook-Pro[219] ([0x0-0x14e14e].com.adobe.air.Installer[2889]): Job seems to have crashed: segmentation error : 11

    ten. 11:09:25 Nov Darcys-MacBook-Pro ReportCrash[2893]: Automatic crash report for Adobe AIR installer[2889] version 3.1 ( stored in /Users/my3boybarians/Library/Logs/ DiagnosticReports/Adobe AIR Installer_2011-11-15-110925_Darcys-MacBook-Pro.crash

    How do I fix error code on Mac?

    Check your hard drive.Use a different new filename.use terminal.Check your power settings.Clear the cache and update your Mac.Conclusion.

    November 15, 11:09:37 Darcys-MacBook-Pro Adobe AIR installer[2895]: Runtime installer starts with selection on Mac OS 10.7.X86

    Nov 2 16 11:09:37 AM Darcys-MacBook-Pro Adobe AIR installer[2895]: Runtime installed ( in /Library/Frameworks/Adobe AIR.framework

    Nov 15 11:09:38 AM Darcys-MacBook-Pro[219] ([0x0-0x150150].com.adobe.air.Installer[2895]): Task appears to have crashed a bus : error: 10

    15 Nov 11:09:38 Darcys-MacBook-Pro ReportCrash[2893]: Adobe AIR[2895] version 3.1 ( installer crash report saved to /Users/my3boybarians/Library/Logs/DiagnosticReports/Adobe AIR Installer_2011 failed -11-15-110938_Darcys-MacBook-Pro.15

    November 11:11:40 Darcys-MacBook-Pro Adobe AIR installer[2897]: Runtime installer starts writing version on Mac OS 10.7.2 x86


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  • November 16 Darcys-MacBook-Pro 11:11:40 Adobe AIR installer[2897]: runtime ( installed in /Library/Frameworks/Adobe AIR.framework

    15 Nov 11:11:41 Darcys-MacBook-Pro[219] ([0x0-0x151151].com.adobe.air.Installer[2897]): Looks like the task failed crash: segmentation error: 11

    15 Nov 11:11:41 Darcys-MacBook-Pro ReportCrash[2900]: Crash report filed by Adobe for AIR[2897] version 3.1 installer ( You can check /Users/my3boybarians/Library/Logs/DiagnosticReports/ Adobe AIR Installer_2011-11-15-111141_Darcys-MacBook-Pro.crash

    Nov 15 11:12:07 AM Darcys-MacBook-Pro Adobe AIR Installer[2908]: Runtime installer with launch version on Mac OS 10.7.2 15 x86

    November 11:12:07 Darcys-MacBook-Pro Adobe AIR installer[2908]: installed runtime ( in /Library/Frameworks/Adobe AIR.framework

    15. Nov 11:12:08 AM Darcys-MacBook-Pro[219] ([0x0-0x154154].com.adobe.air.Installer[2908]): Looks like task failed : bus error: 10

    15. Nov 11:12:08 Darcys-MacBook-Pro ReportCrash[2900]: Adobe has saved a crash report of the AIR installer[2908] version 3.1 ( to /Users/my3boybarians/Library/Logs/DiagnosticReports/Adobe AIR Installer_2011. -11-15-111208_Darcys-MacBook-Pro.crash

    Nov 15 11:12:20 AM Adobe darcys-macbook-pro AIR installer[2917]: Launching runtime installer with version on Mac OS 10.7.2 x86

    11:12:20 November 15 Darcys-MacBook-Pro Adobe AIR installer[2917]: installed runtime ( in areas in /Library/Frameworks/Adobe AIR.framework

    15 Nov 11:12:21 Darcys-MacBook-Pro[219] ([0x0-0x157157].com.adobe.air.Installer[2917]): Looks like job done crashed : bus error: 10

    15. Nov Darcys-MacBook-Pro 11:12:22 ReportCrash[2900]: Saved crash report associated with Adobe AIR Installer[2917] version 3.1 ( located at /Users/my3boybarians/Library/Logs/ DiagnosticReports/Adobe. Installer AIR_2011-11-15-111222_Darcys-MacBook-Pro.crash

    Nov 14 11:13:03 AM Darcys-MacBook-Pro AIR Adobe Installer[2924]: Runtime installer starts from version on Mac OS 10.7.2 x86

    Nov 15 11:13:03 AM Adobe darcys-macbook-pro AIR installer[2924]: renderer ( installed in /Library/Frameworks/Adobe AIR.framework

    18 Nov 11:13:05 Darcys-MacBook-Pro[219] ([0x0-0x159159].com.adobe.air.Installer[2924]): task appears on failure: segfault : 11

    15 Nov 11:13:05 Darcys-MacBook-Pro ReportCrash[2927]: AIR Adobe Installer[2924] version 3.1 ( crash instructions logged in /Users/my3boybarians/Library/Logs/DiagnosticReports/Adobe AIR Installer_2011-11-15-111305_Darcys-MacBook-Pro.crash

    Nov 30 11:13:34 Darcys-MacBook-Pro Adobe AIR installer[2937]: Runtime installer starts at version on Mac OS 10.7.2 x86

    14. November, 11:13:34 Darcys-MacBook-Pro Adobe AIR Installer[2937]: from teachings ( in /Library/Frameworks/Adobe AIR.framework

    25 Nov 11:13:36 Darcys-MacBook-Pro[219] ([0x0-0x15e15e].com.adobe.air.Installer[2937]): Segmentation work crashed soon : error: 11

    Nov 11 11:13:36 AM Darcys-MacBook-Pro ReportCrash[2927]: Adobe AIR installer version 3.1 ( crash report and logs[2937] saved in /Users/my3boybarians/Library/Logs /DiagnosticReports/ Adobe AIR Installer_2011-11-15-111336_Darcys-MacBook-Pro.crash

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