Easy Way To Fix Opening Component Services In Windows Server 2008

Over the past few weeks, some of our readers have informed us that they have learned how to open Component Services in Windows Server 2008.


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    Click Start -> Run -> Type -> dcomcnfg, browse Component Services -> Computers -> My Computer -> DCOM Configuration.Click “View” -> “Details” -> Now provide the app name and app id on the right side.

    Configuring DCOM Permissions for Windows 2008 in Addition to Windows 2003

    1. Connect to system locationYou are installing an HP CR server. Use Local Group AdministratorsIdentifiers.

    2. Run dcomcnfg.Component ServicesThe configuration panel will open.

    3. Go to the console tree,Component services will expand.

    4. Expand Computers.Go to the details panel, right click on My Computer,Select Properties.The properties page opens.

    5. Go to COMSecurity.

    6. Set permissions:

    1. Usually go toaccess the permissions section.

    2. Press”Change”Guilt. Access AuthorizationThe page opens.

    3. Make sure HP CRService account user has local accessand remote access rightsactivated. Add this family to the list if necessary.

    4. Make sure all HP CRAdministrators group has local access andRemote access permissionsactivated. If necessary, set this group to the list.

    5. Check who is INTERACTIVE and SYSTEMhave local access andRead and write access for remote accessactivated. Add these types to groups in the list as needed.

    6. PressGood.

    7. Set launch permissions:

    1. How do I enable component services?

      Open Component Services.In the console tree, click the Computers folder, right-click the computer for which you want to enable or remove DCOM, and select Properties.Click on the current Default Properties tab.To enable DCOM, select the Enable distributed COM on this dedicated computer check box.click OK.

      This will workLaunch and Activation Permissions section.

    2. Click EditGuilt. Permission to launchThe page opens.

    3. Check if the HP CR service is running.The account has a local run for the end user,Remote start, localRemote activation and activationPermissions are enabled. Add groups if needed.

    4. Make sure thatHP CR AdministratorsGroup with local launch Remote, Launch, LocalRemote activation and activationReading and writing enabled. Group them in a list if necessary.

    5. Confirm it And I wonderSYSTEM has a local download,Remote start, localRemote activation and activationpermissions are allowed. If necessary, add them to the clubs in the list.

    6. PressGood.

  • PressApply, OK and right click My Computer in the componentServices.

  • Select “Stop”MS DTC, then select Start.MSDTK.

  • Close componentServices.

  • If a DCOM connection is required, the drivers that need to connect to the Therefore™ must be members of the Distributed COM Users group on the Therefore server. Also, the user group created by COM must have controller permissions on the “Therefore” server.

    1. In the Server Console Manager on the Therefore™ server, click Tools such as Computer Management.

    2. In the console “Management”Computer Sharing, select Local Users, then Groups, and then click Groups.

    How do I find component services?

    Right click Start.Left click on the control panel.Select Large Icon View.Left click on administration.Left click on Component Services. This opens the next window.

    how to open component services in windows server 2008

    3.Configure the DCOM security settings on the “Therefore” computer. Press , type “DCOMCNFG” and press Enter. This may open the Component Services console.

    4.COM for security, go to “Access Permissions”, finally click “Change Default” and add “Allow Distributed COM Users with Remote Access”.

    5. In the “COM Security” section, navigate to “Run Advanced Activation Permissions”, then click “Change Default Settings” and add distributed COM Users in the “Allow Remote Launch and Remote Activation” section.

    6.Make sure you build the server using the default startup settings and even activation permissions and permissions.

    how to open component services in windows server 2008


    is not required to change the server service “Therefore”.

    How do I view hardware configuration in Windows Server 2008?

    Click Start.Click Run or Start Search.Enter the following text in the available person box, then press . system information.In the System Information window, evaluate the value of the System type element:

    No need to restart services y “Therefore the server”.

    Component Services is a management console management plug-in from Microsoft that can be used automatically on any Windows computer. However, you must open it before starting Component Services. Here are six available ways to start Windows 10 Component Services. If you follow these methods, it’s not that difficult, although you might consider starting Windows 10 Component Services manually.

    6 Processes To Start Component Services From 10

    How do I open component services?

    Toburn Component Services Explorer, go to the start menu and select Settings → Control Panel. If a Control Panel window appears, select the new Administrative Tools directory, then use the Component Services application.

  • Method window 1: via run dialog
  • Method 2: by search
  • Method 3: Disable Command Prompt (Admin)
  • Method 4: From Windows PowerShell (Administrator)
  • Method 5. Through the explorer.
  • Method 6: Controls
  • Method 1: Start Windows 10 Component Services From The Run Dialog

    Press the Win+R key combination to open the Run dialog, type dcomcnfg or dcomcnfg. In the .exe file, check the box and click OK/press Enter to open Component Services.

    Method 2: Search For Windows 10 Component Services

    Enter Component Services/dcomcnfg/dcomcnfg.exe in the panel tasks in the search field and in the Find the best match for Component Services offload section.

    Access Method 3: Windows 10 Component Services From Command Prompt (Admin)

    Step 1: Run Command Prompt as Chef on Windows 10.2:


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  • Step. In a Command Prompt (Admin) window, open type dcomcnfg or dcomcnfg.exe and press Enter to enable component services.

    Possible Workaround: Start Windows 10 Component Services From PowerShell (Admin)

    Step 1: Run Windows PowerShell as an administrator on Windows 10.

    Step 2: In Windows PowerShell, type dcomcnfg or dcomcnfg.exe and enter Component Services Media Access.

    Method 4: Enable Windows 10 Component Services From File Explorer

    Step 2: In this Explorer window, navigate to This PC > Local Disk (C:) > Windows > System32. In the System32 directory, scroll the mouse wheel if you want to find the dcomcnfg application and double-click it to actually start the component’s services.

    Method 6: Start The Windows 10 Service Component From The Administrative Tools

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