Steps To Fix The Return Code On Panel 152

Here are a few simple ways that can help resolve the 152 return code issue on the panel.


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    This message indicates that the ON-Bar utility cannot back up the logical log files because its device assigned to it in the corresponding ONCONFIG configuration file is actually in /dev/null (null device on Unix®) or even defined as NULL (null device in Microsoft® Windows NT/2000).

    When you use ON-Bar to createbackup, these special informational log messages are already usefulrunning in bar_act.log and Processexit with return code 152 often in the online.log fileThere may be some considerations.

  • If the ALARMPROGRAM configuration option is indeed set, log_full

    Why does on-bar report exit code 152?

    While backing up with the ON-Bar utility, ON-Bar reports exit code 152. This message indicates that ON-Bar cannot back up the log files in the real logic because the component specifiedset in the ONCONFIG configuration file, resets to /dev/ null (device null on Unix®) or NUL (device null on Microsoft® Windows NT/2000).

    At regular intervalsEvents trigger on the panel-b sells -l for. If the log uniquely fills the panel -b-l command followed by a dash, ON-Bar savesthis paper is real. If a backup has not yet been made at the timeThe following trigger generates an alert using the bar_act.log file.At the time that indicates the next event trigger, the log backup can continue.

  • When the onbar -j -l command is run automatically.

    How long does the IRS take to process a 152 refund?

    Topic #152 Reimbursement information. repayment period. Here, the IRS issues more than 9 out of 10 refunds in the usual time frame of less than 21 days. However, some tax returns may require verification and may take longer. IRS officials can only check the status of your return if:

    OneLevel 0 library (especially if you’re starting with your current variant)First -w archives the database, then automatically startsShows the toolbar.-b -n command to backup all available logs that currently existcompleted and not yet secured. You may not see the message at allin online.log given that onbar -bThe -l command is run on purpose. You

  • If a new feed is loaded after the previous feed was full, its scheduled event will be didn’t fail.
    onbar return code 152

    As soon as the next indicator andgenerated fills the event trigger only inside log_full.File,All available journals are undoubtedly archived.

    You can force the most important archiverunning onbar -b or -l to force to runonmode -l basically works.

  • Problem

    Error Message

    onbar return code 152

    Status Code 6: Confirmation failed to save the requested files



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  • If the storage conditions are met:

    1. You are using Informix version 7.x (IDS) or version 9.x (IDS2000).
    2. informix configuration file ( $INFORMIXDIR/etc/$ONCONFIG) displays LTAPEDEV parameter successfully set /dev/null
    3. you’re usually all performance onbarbackup( onbar -b -w or onbar -b -L 0-w )

    Informix onbar log shows error 152 ( bar_act.log) along with the following:

    2002-06-13 03:19:07 6154 6152/informix7_3/bin/onbar_d -b -w -L0
    2002-06-13 03:19:08 6154 6152 Logical logs are not saved because LTAPEDEV is "/dev/null"
    2002-06-13 03:19:11 61546152 backuprootdbs boot area 0.
    13-06-2002 61546152 03:19:11 Successful connection time for StorageManager.
    2002-06-13 03:20:02 61546152 Backuprootdbs zero level completed.

    2002-06-1307:02:09 6154 6152 valsaxdbs level 0 backup completed.
    2002-06-13 07:02:11 61546152 /informix7_3/bin/onbar_d: output of operation 152 (0x98)

    A similar error 152 is likely to appear in NetBackup. bfdblog:

    07:02:12 [6133] <16> bphdbdo_informix: ERR - script completed with status =152
    07:02:12 [6133] <16> bphdbExit: ERR - bphdb exit status means 6: backup cannot restore requested files
    07:02:12 [6133] <4> bphdbExit: INF - EXIT STATUS 6: Failed to add some requested files to write

    In the Backup and Recovery Guide IBM Informix, August 2001, pp. 11-14 states that error 152 may occur:

    “152 On-bar cannot back up the logical logs. The logical logs are not being backed up for one of the following reasons:
    1. Another if-log incident occurs.
    2. When performing a logical log backup with the LTAPEDEV option set to (UNIX) /dev/null or null (Windows NT).
    This return code is often the return code received when the log cannot be backed up. To enable log backup, change the LTAPEDEV parameter directly to a valid value.”

    Be sure to check if the Informix message tree logs are logically rewritten ( ) onstat -m.

    Several references in Backup informix and RestoreGuide advise against configuring LTAPEDEV. /dev/nil. Only in this case, error 152 is expected. The following is taken from page 9-26 and refers to the same IBM Informix backup and restore guide:

    Warning. Set the LTAPEDEV parameter toLeave /dev/null or leave it empty on UNIX or devnull or possibly NUL on Windows if you don’t want to back up most of the logical logs. The ON-Bar log company displays a warning and returns a value of 152. Because the database server marks logs as backups when they are out of date, ON-Bar cannot find logs that logically support them. All transactions in these logs are already lost and you will not try to recover them.

    Do I need to do anything about tax topic 152?

    You have nothing to do. Tax Topic 152 simply shows that the IRS needs a little more time to process your tax return. Ap 11:54 Thank you, is this normal? What is the reason?

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